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SolTag LoRaWAN Evaluation Kit with Indoor Gateway
August 19, 2020
SolTag LoRaWAN Solar Tag Evaluation Kit with Outdoor Gateway
September 12, 2020
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SolTag LoRaWAN Solar Tag(10 units)



Qty 10 standalone SolTag wireless solar tag. 

The SolTag is an ultra-compact maintenance-free solar-powered tag with LoRaWan wireless communications. It powers, controls, and wirelessly connects a wide variety of sensors to the cloud.

The price includes:

  • Qty 10 SolTag units
  • 6 months of operation including support, warranty, portal use, and firmware upgrades
  • Additional months of operation, support, warranty, portal use, and firmware upgrades can be purchased at $15/unit/month

The SolTag solar tag has unique advantages:

  • Enables autonomous operation of your sensors – no batteries, no wires
  • Solar-powered by Sol Chip’s LightBattery unique technology
  • Internal integrated energy storage
  • 10 years 24/7 continuous and maintenance-free operation
  • Small size (13x8x4cm)
  • Simple out of the box installation and reinstallation. No need for tooling, network technician, etc.
  • All-weather outdoor deployment
  • Hundreds of SolTags can wirelessly connect to a single LoRA Gateway over license-free LoRaWan radio
  • Wireless range up to 15 km (10 miles)
  • Automatic, periodic upload of sensors data to the cloud
  • Supports all major sensors interfaces (analog, pulse)